Your cigar is safe with me....

I wake up to another grey day in June, my heart sinks a little, then I suddenly remember I have a brand new piece to Blog about, and so the smile on my face is resumed!

This piece is rather special to me. Its been made for my Step Dad, for his 60th birthday. The cabinet was hand build by my great grandfather, and had been kept by my Mum for years. It was found buried among bits and bobs in the garden shed-it had been unused or untouched for some time. 

I set to work in restoring the cabinet. After a lot of TLC, the wood was looking great. The glass windows were set behind sections of wood, which I had to remove in order to take the glass out and give them a good clean. To my surprise, when I took out these wood panels, written on the back of them was 

'These hands were fitted May 24th 1939 by J E Torr'

This was the hand writing of my great grandfather. The unit had been constructed by him only a few years before he died. What a discovery. In order to show these off I have replaced the glass in the cabinet and then turned the wood panels around to show off this discovery. When My grandma sees it, she'll be over the moon. 
Between me and Mum, we decided that the cabinet would become a cigar cabinet as my step dad love a good cigar!

I got thinking and came up with a design-a personalised cigar label which wraps around the entire unit. 

I chose to use classic red, deep blue and gold leaf trim. The interior is in a rich navy blue which ties in well with the rest of the colour scheme. Steves surname is Sasanow and as you can see from the picture of the cabinet below, the writing says
'Cigar Seleccion de Habana SENOR SASANOW'
I think this is a nice touch.

I'm really pleased with the final piece, and just hope that Steve likes it too. My boyfriend, Rich, has bought a selection of cigars for Steve to smoke and we're just trying to figure out how we display them in the unit........any suggestions greatly received.


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