Its all kicked off....

hello my lovelies! Yep, I'm officially BAD at this blogging lark. I do have the small excuse of MY WEBSITE GOING LIVE-yes yes yes. If you can't tell, this was a pretty momentus thing to happen for me as it has been a loooooong time coming! The picture below is the Home page-to see the rest, go to :

As I said, this has been an incredibly long journey for me and a test of my design skills. As a Photoshop amateur, I certaintly was a learning curve. At times I wanted to chuck the computer out of the window, but a majority of the time I thoroughly enjoyed designing the website. 

A few issues arose with the build of the site, although these were resolved as soon as I got in touch with Dee at He was absolutely fantastic and was seriously patient with me. My good friend Benny boy put me in touch with Dee, so I'd like to give him a big up-check out his site

So, so, so.....moving on. Things have been busy. Since the website has gone live I have been working on pieces for my the Open Studios Exhibition which has been taking place over the last week. Last Saturday saw the opening of both mine, and my mums exhibitions in Cheltenham. Mum works with screen printing and enamelling. The exhibition took place at Turtle Gallery on Suffolk Road in Cheltenham. People came, wine was drunk, and pieces were sold-overall, a roaring success!

That evening saw the opening of my exhibition. In was in conjunction with a fab artist called Fran Leach (as I mentioned in my previous post). It was a busy evening and I had lots of promising interest in my work. In fact, this week has seen even more interest. Above are the pieces I exhibited.

Please, please, PLEASE go and check out the website for all the other design goodies at Baroque&Roll. Not only is there furniture to look at, but paintings, murals and lots of other beautiful things. 

Thanks for all your continuing support


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