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Paintings and PR........

I know, I know, once again I have FAILED in keeping up with my Blog posts. This isn't to say that nothing has been happening in Baroque&Roll land........

Firstly I'd like to show you my new Flamingo painting.

There is still some finishing to do on the top left hand corner. Its looking pretty sweet for now though! I have several flamingo paintings I'd like to complete. They will be used for the dining chair designs and shall feature in 'The Collection'. With a series of different flamingo designs, I'd like to create a Dining Room Chair Set. This would accompany a dining table to match. In a grand setting this would flamingo fantastic!!!

There are various other projects I am working on at the moment. One of which is this table. 

I have been working in conjunction with a new fashion and homewares boutique opening November 14th in Monpellier, Cheltenham. This table has the same skull design I have used on the dining chair design, which has been commissioned by the owner of the shop after seeing the chair. There is a final coat of Farrow&Ball's 'Railings' oil eggshell paint to complete, and then 2 layers of 'hard as nails' varnish to protect the artwork. I suffered with a touch of artists block for this piece, but, after commitment and determination I am delighted with the results-phew!

I've saved the best piece of news till last! 

A journalist from the local paper, The Gloucestershire Echo, got in touch after seeing my work. Turns out, they wanted to do a feature on Baroque&Roll and myself in the 'Weekend' supplement of the paper which is an addition in Saturdays issue. A telephone interview took place with Sally, who was so so lovely. The week following that, a photographer came to the studio to shoot some of my recent pieces. 
The following Saturday's issue featured a double page spread on Baroque&Roll-its FABULOUS!!! 
Its a great starting PR piece, with hopefully many more to come......

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'The Collection'.....

MORNING!! Its Friday and I'm blogging-told you I'd keep up with it!

Its been another busy week. I've had chair frame in the garage crying out for some Baroque&Roll magic. For a while now I've had the idea of producing pieces featuring vintage images of telephones, typewriters and other such things. I know these seem like strange subject matters, but I just love the look of them!
So, I got to painting, and have completed the telephone painting

I now have to choose some fabulous fabric to upholster the chair and cushion with! Answers on a postcard please!

Thursday last week, I had a veeeeeeeery interesting meeting with a good friend of mine, and PR genius, Fran Pearce. We brainstormed the hell outta it and are now in the throws of producing a gorgeous Press Pack to send out to all those lovely journalists, publications, and fellow Bloggers. A photoshoot has been organised for a few weeks time featuring beautiful models draping themselves all over my fabulous furniture-I'm literally bouncing with excitement about this! Photos to come (obvs)!

I am introducing a new feature of the business, and it comes in the form of 'THE COLLECTION'
This features a selection of my artworks. Each piece will have an edition of 20 produced. Once the 20th has gone, thats the LOT! Each will be made to order and totally hand painted by myself, so, although the image is repeated, every piece will be unique.

An example of this is the Skull image shown below......this is 2/20

Although the image is the same, I'm going to alter the chair frame colour and 
upholstery material according to the commission. 

I have 2 brand new pieces to complete next week, and will bring you exciting news of a boutique shop opening at the end of October who are going to be selling LOTS of my work......
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I can barely believe it......2 posts in 2 days! Blimey, how times are changing.

The reason for my impromptu writing is, I've had a burst of inspiration. After reading from cover to cover the October issues of LivingEtc and ELLE Decoration the top trend colour of this season is Mustard Yellow, and I absolutely LOVE it.

The new arm chair from John Lewis is a classic example

I feel the need to use this colour a LOT!!

The theme runs across fashion too.....

Saw this and it made me giggle

I couldn't forget to show the original jar of mustard-where this gorgeous colour 
comes from